Dana H.

I talk to a family friend about her life and her impact on mine

This could be a movie

My grandpa wasnt feeling to well, but we got to talk about a variety of things like their life before coming to America

Interviewing my Neighbor

Talking to my neighbor about her experience teaching, and what motivated her to teach. Her advise and wise words.

My dad’s story

This is the story of my dad’s last and how he felt when coming to America

Past, Present, & Future- Family Interview

I first began this interview with my mom, Thuy Huynh. She told me about her life back in Vietnam and how she migrated to the U.S. Around 2005, she was diagnosed with diabetes and has now been working very hard...

Interview 2

Talking to my neighbor, Ellen, about her experience teaching, and what motivated her to teach. Her advise and wise words.

My mom’s story

This is my mom’s story of how she felt when she came here from the Philippines.

From Vietnam to America: Dau

This is an interview with my grandpa Dau who was an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War. He was captured and forced to stay in a communist prison camp where they were forced to do manual labor in order...

Life In The Philippines

Rico James Mangalindan (16) interviews his dad, Rico Mangalindan (50) about his life in the Philippines, people who have influenced him throughout his life, and differences in life in the Philippines and life in the United States.

Interview With My Nanay

Rico James Mangalindan (16) interviews his grandma, Carmelina Cosme (86) about her happiest and saddest memories, her life in the Philippines during World War 2, and her move to the United States from the Philippines.

From Vietnam To America: Anh

An interview with my grandma Anh who had to leave Vietnam with her 5 children during the communist era. She had to raise 5 children without her husband while working in accounting (something she had no prior experience of) due...

Experience as an Expatriate

I talk with my great aunt about her job and education in the PI, her experience as an OFW/Expat, and how it contributed to her success and stability in America.

Dad’s childhood and escaping from Vietnam to the US

The story from birth to now. And I think I said the wrong date during the interview. Whoops

Mom and me

I talk to my mother about her childhood, her first love, and the family she has raised.

My Dad’s Story

My dad's story and outlook on life, from when he met my mom to how the military has effected him.

Grandma talks about WW2

I interviewed my grandmother about her life during World War Two. Jan-Ericson Milan, Period 2.