Moore Family 2017

In this recording I interviewed my twin cousin about her childhood and favorite memories.We also talked about her family and regrets in life.

Max Plummer and his Father Josh

Max talks with his Father about childhood memories and adulthood. Music and activities that he enjoys are mentioned as well, like movies.

My Fathers Childhood

My father and I talked about many things about his childhood. The best and worst things he has done and remembered. Yet overall I got to learn more about him as a kid.

What is your purpose?

Me (Odin Werle) and my father (Michall Werle) ask each other questions and learn a little about each other and what we have done and also what we hope to do in the future.

mi madre

My mother, Julie Rice-Witherell and I talk about life growing up, parenting, and life lessons.

Suzane Veerani held a discussion with her mother Shameera Veerani based on her mother’s “Highschool Years in India”

During this interview, Suzane Veerani speaks with her mother, Shameera Veerani about her mother’s Highschool life (which was in India). They spoke about significant friendships that her mother acquired, work/actions in classes, teachers, multiple fun-filled school events that are still...

The life of Eric an interview by Amber

This interview contains a conversation between a father and daughter focuses on the past life of the father back in his home country Vietnam. It mentions how his struggles got him to where he is today.

Interview With mom

We touched on a little bit of everything from growing up , to inspiration , and to me of course.

Dijonay Brown and her Mother Kerry Anson talking about growing up as a teenager and how different her generation was

In this Interview made on Nov.26 , 2017 in Orlando , Florida. Dijonay Brown (15) and Kerry Anson (39) explains her fun life growing up in Kingston , Jamaica and how you shall live your teenage years. Ms.Anson also shares...

Mother’s Interview

I asked her several questions while we were eating dinner and it was basically a discussion because my whole family was together. One of the questions was what was the dumbest thing she had ever done and she couldn’t think...

Jayden talks to Arlene about proudest moments

Arlene talks about her proudest moments as a mother. Also talks about her mother and how she influenced her.