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Dad’s Childhood

My dad, Jose Mendoza (53), engaged in a conversation with me about his childhood. We talked about his two siblings and his relationship with his parents.

9/18/23 – Mikaila Munoz

In this recording, I interviewed my 14 year old brother. I asked him questions that would allow me to have a better understanding of him as a person.

Recording – 10-16-2023 21:22:26

I interviewed my mom Carmen Lara, she’s 39 years of age. We talked about family things and about her background .

Interview with my Aunt Becky- 11-23-2023

Interview between Natalie Aldridge (11 years old) and her aunt Becky Ziemer (47 years old). Natalie interviewed her aunt about growing up, childhood memories, some of her favorite things, what inspired her, and her thoughts and advice for the future.

I ask my mom questions

i ask my mom questions about her life for 30 minutes

English project

Tony Campo grew up in a small town in Sicily and was taught respect could bring you a long way.

Interview with my mom! -Lucia Rizo
November 28, 2023 App Interview

Interview with my mom! Love her forever! I loved doing this and it made me very happy to talk about her child hood with her. I’m glad to have her in my life!

The story of dad and the Whitman’s sampler chocolate with mom‘s family at their first Christmas- 10-15-2023 14:06:14

Susan Regen shares the story of how Rich Regen came to visit her at their first Christmas and discovered that her family loves chocolate. She shares how he then sent a Whitman’s Sampler Box of chocolates to her family.