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Suarez Brothers

brief introduction to my older brother Leonel Suarez

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about the suggested questions and my mom told her stories that were very interesting as I listened.

Interview with Mason

We talked about how mason views our society and the reasons and meanings of how he feels about it.

South African immigrant.

I talked with my mom about her experiences coming from South Africa.

Thanksgiving Interview

My mom talked about her child hood . My Welita’s story and name was mentioned the most

My Grandmother’s legacy

The interview was about what my grandma experienced when she was younger and when she came to America. She had trouble when she came to America because of the language and crossing the border.

Interview with my mom.

I learned a few things I didn’t know about my mom that I now know.

moms interview

we talked about childhood and the future of what has happened and what our hopes are to happen.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about my grandmother’s childhood and her favorite memories of her childhood.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Aida

We talked about our views on the government and mainly what my mothers views and opinions were.

Mom my big impact in my life

Basically questions about what my Mom does from between years ago and now

Interview With My Father

I asked my father a few probing questions about his life and lessons and virtues he followed and still follows. Have a listen


It's a way to know more about why my dad came to the United Sates


We talked about my grandmothers childhood and where she grew up. Also how she mothered my father and how it was like to become a woman