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Homemade Van

This is a story about how my aunt traveled across the US in a modified ups delivery truck.

Gudmund Iversen describes his time as a child in Norway during the German occupation, 1940-1945

This was an interview about the memories of Gudmund Iversen during his time as child in Trondheim, Norway, during the German occupation. Although just a young lad, he shares vivid memories of that tumultuous time.

My Hero Interview

Today I talked and had a interview with Mrs. Garduno, my mother, and asked her a few questions on what some stuff had meant to her.


It's a way to know more about why my dad came to the United Sates

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Aida

We talked about our views on the government and mainly what my mothers views and opinions were.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about my grandmother’s childhood and her favorite memories of her childhood.

Life of a normal dude named John

My grandpa John goes over his life and determines what success and happiness is and how his definition of success and happiness is different from societies standard

My Great Grandmas Life

Mackenzie Mares and her great grandmother have a discussion about her life. For example, her close relationship with her family.

Importance from Mental Health

Discussing mental health, at a personal view point as well as giving our thoughts across

The American Dream

American dream, and what to strive for in life. What she would differently if given the chance.

Interview with my mom.

I learned a few things I didn’t know about my mom that I now know.