Sean Martin and Chas MacNeil

In this interview, I explored the beginning, middle and where Chas is now in terms of the Chinese Language journey he has been through.

Interview with Mom

I asked my mom the difficulties of becoming a parent and some advice

Mom’s interview

We talked about my mother’s life. She was not afraid or emotional when doing this.

When it hit me

This was about my recent life in Toledo, Ohio I live with mom ,dad ,little sister ,and grandmother

Alicia Barnard

I got the chance to interview my aunt and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did !

An interview trip with Mom!

I asked my mom a few questions about her past, future and present. I learned things I didn’t know, and she got to experience old nostalgic memories from back then.


We talked about regrets and future things and how she loves me

The Deadly Measles

My Nannie had the measles at a very young age and luckily survived them.

My mom

Telling my stuff about her life

Interviewing my grandpa

My grandpa face many challenges in the navy but he says it was worth it

Our Thanksgiving interview

We were talking about lots of stuff that has to do with thanksgiving

Pandemic Interview with Chiang Osbert

Frank Pardenilla asks questions to Chiang Osbert about the pandemic and how he coped up with the things happening around him.

The Great Thanksgiving interview

We talked about how my moms life was when she was younger and talked about sime of her favorite memories.

Interview with My Mother

In this interview I asked my mom about her childhood, and about her hopes for the future.


This is an interview between me and my mom, just a overall summary of us and our life.