Kara Gilliam – Lynne Watson

Kara Gilliam interviews Lynne Watson about life with MS and living with a wheelchair.

American History interview project.

My participant talked a lot about her personal life and some famous events in history she remembered.


My Grandma answers questions about her life and what she has taken with her as she goes.

Interviewing my mom

My mom answering questions about her life.Also what I was like as a child.

Advice and life stories of my grandmother

I, Owen Letterman, interviewed my grandmother, Joan Mason, in Scotia Glenville NY and we talked about her life and family and any advice or words she’d like to share.

English Project

This interview talks about Indira Tesara’s life in general, childhood and teenage life. College life is also included.

Immigration Interview

Immigration of Mary from Puerto Rico to USA.

My Grandfather

We talked about my grandfather's life and everything he did growing up.


My best friend is Olivia I have other friends and she does to i am cool with that. Or am i

My grandmothers past life

My grandmother talks about her past life and describes how it’s like in her time

All about their past.

We reviewed some things about life. How was life like back then.

The influence the US had on my mom

In this interview I talk to my mom about how the US has influenced many aspects of her life whether it be her life in Mexico and or her life here

Pushing Forward!

Learning to not let my many obstacles I endured in my life stop me from being happy.

Interview with Russian grandma

I have an interview with my grandma, who grew up in Soviet Russia


When we were talk she told me that when she was younger, she wasn’t that interesting. She also told me that there are so many memories of me that it was really hard to pick just one. On one question...

Maddison’s interview

This is a interview about Maddison Long a smart individual that is in the 12th grade. It talks about her view on her childhood and about her perception of herself.

My English I Interview
December 1, 2019 App Interview

I asked one of my leaders from temple on how her life was like and how she overcame the fear and hardness in her life.