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Recording – 09-13-2023 20:03:15

my name is Jaylynn Allen I’m interviewing with my sister Gracie Allen who has a heart condition and will talk about the impacts it has had on her life.

Interview on Immigration to the US from Vietnam

My grandma was an 18 year old woman when she immigrated from Vietnam to the US in the midst of the Vietnam war. She married my grandpa and was able to move to the US through her marriage.

Trace Hochsprung and Grandmother Connie Hochsprung

Trace Hochsprung gets to pick his grandmothers brain on how they started a very successful family business. From starting from one truck to a fleet of 5 Plus trucks. We also find the Do and don'ts from running a business.

9/11 Interview Luke Gorski

My name is Luke Gorski and I interviewed my dad Bill Gorski on his expierience during 9/11.

Zoe Shackelford Recording – 08-29-2023 20:57:39

Zoe shackelford (18),daughter and Jen shack(47), mother. what it’s like being a teen mom.

StoryCorps interview with parent

In this interview, I asked my mother personal questions that I have never asked her before. In the Interview I got to understand my mom's story more. And the interview was a brand new experience for the both of us.

Celebrate Life with grandma

Grandama talks about the influence her father had on her life and the advise she used to raise strong children. Developing character and learning to seize the opportunities that life presents.

Teddy Chappell

I interviewed my son Teddy and he answered the questions that you provided. Teddy is a PhD student at the university of Pennsylvania.

Service Learning Project

Today me and my Mom talked about her experiences within the U.S. and Vietnam

Interview with Jay

We talked about Jay’s earlier life such as his childhood experiences, how he was raised, and people who impacted his life. Then we talked about his present life and what he does for his job, how he got into that...

Computing: 1984 – 2019

Michael Kremer talks about the changes in computing from 1984 til 2019.

Medha Bapat Interview

This goes over Medha Bapat’s childhood in Bombay, India

Interview with my grandpa

I ask him about when he was younger and my grandmother when they met.

My oral interview

Jacobo Meyo was born on May 10, 1985. He lived with his mom and dad and 7 siblings. There are a of 8 kids his is number 7.