My grandpa

This was a very good interview and it brought me closer to my grandpa

Grandma Interview

We talked about what her childhood was like. We talked about how her and my grandpa met and how her parents met.

Getting Personal- Gizelle Muniz
December 20, 2017 App Interview

Personal events in the life of my mother Miriam.

“True love takes… three months?”

This pair is the perfect example of what love can look like even after 26 years, God is their backbone and they’ve showed me what life should be like

Experiences in life

That no matter what you be yourself, and be brave when you meet other people. In the past was very different than in times right now because back then you couldn’t do a lot than now.

Interview 1

A interview with with my mother, with some tips on life.

Mom Interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I asked my mom about some of the most important times in her life.

Interview with Chani

We talked about what past experiences have made her into the person she is today. What makes her happy and what she wishes for her children and descendants.

My Mom and Me

Me and my mom talk about her life including me and without me.

Mom’s interview

We talked about my mother’s life. She was not afraid or emotional when doing this.

Conversation with my Grandma

A catch up with my grandma on my dad’s side about her life in Little Rock, Arkansas and some questions about my dad as a child

Dorothy Wright enlightens her granddaughter Christian on what her life has been like over the years.

Dorothy explained what her life was like growing up in the late thirties and early forties. She explained her feelings towards raising her children, and shared some of her own childhood experiences.

Best interview

This has been the best interview ever. I really enjoyed it especially having the interview with my mom.

Attitude Of Gradtitude(Imwalle)

This is me asking my mom some personal questions about what she appreciates in life