Enayda Alvarado and Andy Reyes

Throughout this interview, I talked with my mother about how life was from living to El Salvador to going to the United States.

Interview with Vanessa

In this interview, Vanessa and I spoke about life lessons, relationships, family, and more. She gave me advice on life and what she’s learned.

melindas life in a nut shell

Talk about my grandmas life and what it was like. This is a shorter version of another video.

1994 Northridge earthquake experience

I (Nicholas Banszegi) asked my mom (Jacqueline Taylor) what it was like to live through a earthquake.

Mathew and his mom

Me and my mom go over her childhood and how it was when she was a child

Kaylee Garcia

Asking about childhood, positive and negative experiences and future of Kaylee Garcia.

Trevor Lemm and his mom Nancy Lemm talk about her life before kids

Trevor interviewed Nancy in their home in Manhattan Beach, California on Dec 1, 2019. They discussed tips for future generations, living abroad, and challenges. Nancy shared stories about certain life experiences. Trevor learned to never change his actions based on...

Final Interview Creative Studies

I interviewed my dad and was curious about his childhood. The questions I ask are related to his life as a child and his time as a teenager.

Thankful for family

We talked about my aunts childhood and her kids

Females Or Males

First day being exclusive….”not official according to Melissa

A Mom’s Advice

My mother and I talked about her childhood and memories that she had with our family. She also got the chance to speak about the things she wants her children and future generations to know.

Brook Herwehe, Autumn Herwehe

Interviewing my mom about who influenced her in her life, and her proudest moments.

Mom and I

I interviewed my mom to get a better undertsanding of her life and my future.