Intervieing Liz goody

I learned about my aunt and who she lost ,and her regrets. This interview helps me learn on what I should focus most about.

Interview With Mother

Me and my mother talked about her childhood and things she wishes she could change or things that’s made her into who she is today but we also got Into some political things about our current president and how she...

GG recalls the JFK asassination

She was in college, studying for midterms. The alarms sounded and she learned that he was shot. She was very sad


We talked about regrets and future things and how she loves me

Immigration change throughout the years

We talk about her experience and issues regarding immigration now and immigration during the ’90s when my aunt first got here. translation Q: when first arriving what did you think that you would stay in this new country for a...

Interview with Mom

I asked my mom the difficulties of becoming a parent and some advice