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sister to brother

hi my name is Abaraham venegas and I am 16yrs old and I will be interviewing my sister who is 30 yrs old . the reason why I interviewed her was because she is a big part of a role...

Polio Epidemic 1946

My grandmothers history when she was around my age.

Interviewing my Mom

I have interviewed my Mom and asked some of her goals, her greatest accomplishments, and just asked what her favorite quality about herself is.


an interview with my sister. talking about life and childhood. despite being across the country..

Interview with my aunt

Here’s an interview with my 21 year old aunt from texas.

Mom Interview

We talked about her family heritage. We talked about her past life and how she would like to be remembered.


about family and her childhood in mexico

Grandma life and advice

I talk with my Grandma about her early life and more recent years of her life. She tells me some advice to take with me daily and how she’s learned from it.