Meaningful things in life

What I talked about with my younger brother was important and meaningful things in his life. Wether its relationships, athletics, academics or religion. Things that are important to him and people who are important

Interview with my beautiful mommy

We talked about my moms job, and how she first saw me as a baby.

Theresa Hunt and her Father talk about her fathers journey to finding success in business and family

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Plano, Texas. Theresa Hunt (16) interviews her dad John Hunt (61) about life lessons learned from work and family. John Hunt shares what he is most thankful for and how he has...

A Muslim in America

After talking with Irene Ameena I learned more about her religion, childhood, and what it’s like being a Muslim in America.

The bestest man in the whole wide world: an interview with my dad.

I interviewed my dad involving topics about family, religion, and our future.