The Great Thanksgiving Listing

We talked about what it was like for my grandpa growing up.

Interveiwing my Memom
December 10, 2018 App Interview

I asked my memom about some of her childhood and what her life was like my favorite question she answered was the dumbest thing ever

Interview with Mom-2017

Mom and I chatting about her growing up years. We talked about life on the farm, people she has lost, and some advice for future generations.

Carla Paoli interviewed by Sarah Konrad

Carla describes her childhood being the child of Italian immigrants and growing up in the Bay Area

Morgan’s interview

Interviewing a female whanau member, in my interview it was my Mum, about her childhood.

Amanda Tripodi’s Interview

This interview was mostly about the life of Amanda and any memories she had from her own life experiences as well as mine. Some stories happened while I was not alive so there were many surprises for me.

My Dad’s early life

A short interview about my Dad’s childhood and school life.

Hello Roy!!

This interview is about my friend – Roy. Everyone has a unique childhood, also including him. We talked about the memory of childhood, change of life, matter of family, etc. Moreover, this interview helped me know more about my friend....

Me and my AMAZING Dad!

Me learning about my dad and his tough childhood. Along with some funny anecdotes along the way.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My grandma and I talked about how it was growing up in her life and how it was compared to my life. We also talked about slavery and how it impacted her life. We compared my childhood to here and...

Life with my Aunt

Over thanksgiving, I interviewed my favorite Aunt Christine. She explained to me what her childhood was like and how it shaped her into the person she is today. She also talked to me about her happiest moments, and saddest moments....

Interview #vhrebeledge

We talked about many thing and people that influenced my mom’s life. We talked about her childhood and parents’ affects on her life.

The Great Listen Extra Credit Project

I just talked to my mom about her life growing up in Jamaica and moving to America.