Jorge Alvarez and Marilyn Arce

I learned more about my brother in law. He had a troubled life but is now successful.

Mama actually goes to California

Mama Miller shares her experience of moving with her husband from the East coast to southern California.

Nathan and Linda’s Interview

We talked about the music and t.v shows from back then compared to today’s. We also talked about family and friends and life lessons that lead on in the future.

Interview of my Mom

We talked about my moms early life and significant moments

My Happy Grandma

I think the interview with my grandmother went really well and she said her legs were hurting when we started but I feel she got happier as I asked her these questions. I like the things she shared with me...

Interview with my mom

I am interviewing my mom for a project in Napa CA

Story corp interview

We talked about mr. sheians live changes and the people that impacted his live


This interview was about the person my interviewer chose to be the person she would always remember and why she would always remember them.

Winter final: Great Thanksgiving Final: Interviewing My Mother

My mother and I talked about her childhood and the things that she has leaned in life. We also talked about the advice she would give her teenage self and the life lessons she had learned and hopes to teach...