The interview is about my dad’s story growing up and the experience of moving from South Africa to America. The interview is for a project at school.

Clara shares great advice and her story about coming to America

Clara and I talk about her childhood. And also what it was like being here in America when she only knew Spanish.

Veterans project

My grandfathers military experience and how it shaped his life. We talks some about his childhood too because he grew up in a military family.

My sister being a reliable source in my life

Ever since i was younger, my sister always done something to inspire me to keep moving forward and finding a better way for everything

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandpa

We talked about the future and the past, and a little bit of advice for the future.

Althea Dykes

We talked about my sister and how life was like when we were children and how life was when she grew up

Mother and Daughter interview

This interview covers several questions reflecting on the life of a mother.