A glimpse into Hilary’s story

Hilary Kinney, 63, recently moved to San Diego to pursue what she loves, art and surfing. I get to hear about her childhood and growing up, some interesting stories are shared as well as important life lessons.

Recording – 10-26-2023 09:35:55

This is my auntie Linda Glover she 68 years old we were talking about is sitting on the porch everyday just having a conversation.

Ruthie Myers-Porter Interview about Wife’s Cancer

Danielle Myers-Porter (46) interviews wife Ruth Myers-Porter (41) about their relationship and what it was like when Danielle was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Story corps final: Josslyn Escobar

I’m Josslyn Escobar i was interviewing my grandma for a final about her life and the history of her.

Carney Zac (peer interview 11/27/23)

Evan Magnuson 15, classmate, and it was about all of his memories.


The person being interviewed is Melanie Nunez and I'm the interviewer (Katie Nunez). Melanie is 20 and Katie is 17 years old. We are both sisters to each other and we discussed Thanksgiving and some other personal questions.

My first Halloween

I had an interview with my soon to be boyfriend Jake Morris of the six diamonds


I interview my teammate, classmate and friend Aziz to ask him about his past and future.

Frank Hamper, Louis Hamper interview

This is me Frank Hamper interviewing my dad Louis hamper date 12/10/2023. We discussed about how much my dad loves me and about how he met my mom. We discussed what his favorite memories were to.

thanks giving listen

Interviewing my mom hearing about her experiences in high school, and how different high school used to be before technology.

life in and after the Dominican Republic

Immigration story from the Dominican Republic and life after, the hardships and obstacles that an immigrant had to face in a country that was not his homeland

The Troubles in Ireland

Jacqueline Fontillas speaking on the Troubles Derry, Ireland.

“It just didn’t feel right to me so I just wanted to start a new leaf”

(Shane) Hello my name is Shane Wilborn. I️ AM a 19-year-old college student. Today is November 10th and I️ am interviewing my uncle Ricky in reference to a recovering drug addict for my story corps project. We are recording this...

interview with my dad

talking with my dad about his work life. also about his school and who helped him achieve his goals

my gay brother’s journey
November 29, 2022 App Interview

I Interviewed my 21 year old about being part of the LGBTQ+ community and his journey towards life.