Reflections on Lessons and Memories

Dim Nuam 24, interiew her bestfriend 25, Reflections on Lessons and Memories

Social Media and Growing Up
October 1, 2023 App Interview

This interview is with my boyfriend of two years, Zackary Powers and his experience with social media and the internet throughout his life.

Me and grandmother have an interview about her past life experiences.

I had a fun time recording this interview with my grandmother. During this interview her and I talked about what it was like to grow up in Annapolis during the 1940’s and 50’s. My Grandmother and I also had fun...

Deep understanding conversation with a special person

This person who is my uncle is a very, very, special and sweet person who has a different perspective and personality than anyone but does not like to show it.

911 Interview

This is an assignment for my school Final and the main topic is about the historical events of 911

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interveiw

Talking about my grandpa's life with my family. I asked 10 questions about his life.

Growing up in the Czech
November 29, 2022 App Interview

I talk to Ted about growing up and how his life was back home. He was thrown into a totally new world and had to learn how to handle it.

from the point of view of someone in the horse world
December 6, 2022 App Interview

this interview gives the perspective of a person who has been working his entire life with horses and has had to go through many many things. (it is in Catalan, local language)

Through Her Eyes

A 36 year old mother interviews her pre-teen daughter on her life's perspective and values and the influences that has played a part in her life this far.

The Roller Coaster of Love from a distance

18 year old Laddie undergoes his first year of long distance with his 18 year old girlfriend Caylie. They go through challenges of making compromises and adapting to new and foreign dynamics and discuss that communication was key to their...

interview with my mom

this is a interview with my mom about her family life, greatest accomplishments and career

Interview with Angie Pigg

me and angie’s interview today really showed me who she was as a person. i have always loved her personality. hearing that story at the end really showed her true wonderful colors.

Saracini social studies interview

my mother she is 34 years old and we discussed a lot so listen because I don’t feel like explaining because it’s 11:55 at night and I did this last minute because my mom forgot amen

Brooklyn Taylor and Christy Fithen

I Brooklyn Taylor am interviewing my Grandma ( Mamo) who is 66. We talk about want has gone in through out her life. And what happens when you make the choices you do.

Sibling Food Talk

I am Madison Leon, 21, interviewing my sister Sydney, 24. In this thought-provoking interview, we delve into the intricate relationship that exists between an individual and their relationship with food. Sydney opens up about her journey with food from childhood...

Recording – 11-29-2023 18:36:38

inaas elmi 14 and iman elmi 15 we are sisters and we discussed her growing up.

Interview with my mama

Well this is my mummy and she was born in the late 60s so yes I have an older parent.I was asking about my mama like and how it was and what she basically went through growing up.But this is...

Thanksgiving interview

A better view into my uncle Beto’s life growing up and a bit about his parents.

Interview With Judith Lopez By Adamariz Almanza (1)

Adamariz Almanza, a high school student, interviews her family friend, Judith Lopez, for her Service Learning Story Corps Project. - Part 1