My Grandparents

My Grandparents, Lawrence (87) and Theresa (85) Spinelli of Endicott NY. Discussed how their childhoods were, how they met, and life in general.

Diabetes Q&A

For my final project in my epidemics in society class, I decided to do a Q&A about diabetes coming from a type one diabetic.

Brianna Gambichler talks to Ray Gambichler about being a father and growing up with a big family in the eighties.

Brianna (20) and her father Ray (52) talking briefly about his life growing up the youngest of seven siblings, what it was like growing up in the 80s, and how he feels about being a father to two girls and...

Carla Baran and Jerry Constantino: Finding True Love after Divorce

In this interview Carla Baran and Jerry Constantino talk about finding love after divorce. They talk about their personal relationship, difficulties about their divorces, and end with some advice for relationships today.

Emma Brackett interviews her grandmother Ann Circio about her life in Central New York

My grandmother, Ann Circio grew up in Auburn, NY before moving to Cortland, NY. She grew up in a large Italian family, and had 3 children that she raised on her own. Her childhood was spent having fun with friends...