interview project

i’m interviewing sandra casaras she teaches at highland village elementary the third grade. she goes to my church and we’ve known her for 8 or 9 years i chose her because she’s had an interesting life.

Laurie Jennings

That my teacher truly cares for all of her students.

Alexis Lieber Interviews Her Father, Thomas Lieber

In the seven and a half minutes of an interview with my father, Thomas Lieber, in Chicago on December 7th, 2017, we discussed where he would live if he had the choice to live anywhere in the world. He said...

Life stories, Family heritage, and growing up in school

Me and my grandmother talked about the most important person, the kindest, childhood memories, funny stories, how she wants to be remembered, wisdom/advice, and school stories.

Pop pop

We are talking about pop pop’s childhood and what it was like growing up for him

The past of a teacher

This story is about a teacher who had to go through so many hard things to be the person she is today.

Francisco Torres intervied

We talked about her line of work and how her political views were shaved and how she ended up with this job and basically how she became the person she is today and she has a really inspiring and motivational...

Interview with Ruth Phillips in San Marcos, Tx on December 1st, 2019.

Faith Phillips interviewed her Grandmother Ruth Phillips on December 1st, 2019. They discussed her life and lessons she had learned. As well as memories of her family when she was a child.

Mom/Mary Mullis

Mary’s life growing up, teaching, marriage and family

Why did my aunt become a teacher?

This interview is mainly about what pushed or lead her into becoming a teacher. Also, the influences and things about her life as a tecaher.

Mrs Bonnie’s exciting adventures
December 14, 2017 App Interview

Mrs Bonnie is adventures young woman that tells a lot about her life. Going through her divorces she stays strong.