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An Immigrants Story

Interview in a world history class about Kamiel Yousef’s immigration story

Angelina And Cata Thanksgiving 2018

My grandma and I discussed her childhood, the struggles she had throughout life. She told me about her teaching career and how she lived her life very happy.

The Cycle of Life

This is an interview between two teachers in higher education.

Mom and daughter

We talked about her life and traditions and what she wanted to do when she was older. She also told me about her happiest moments in life like when she got married and the birth of her 3 daughters.

Getting to know my mother

In this interview, I interviewed my Mom. We talked about her life, her life lessons, and her happiest memories as a mother.

BigHugeMassiveWill vs. Mom

Will and Sam discuss various life questions on how Sam’s life experiences have played out

Teacher’s life

This is an invterview based on my freshman math teacher young childhood lifestyle and what made her person she is today.

Superior Interior

Quick look into Mrs. walkers life professional and personally.

Kevin Fuller’s interview

This interview is Kevin fuller asking his mom a few questions

Storytelling Assignment

The participant included in the interview is Misty Dennison. Misty Dennison is 43 years old and is my mother. We discussed many topics over her past life and plans for the future.

Remembering to breathe

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen I Interviewed my mom Heather Rowland on December 1st 2019 in our home Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. She shared her favorite memories of growing by the beach in Ocean City and living with two...

Elizabeth Gresham Interview

Elizabeth Gresham talks about her life and what has occurred through her childhood