Grammi and Me

This is a recording about grammi and the chance for me to ask her personal questions!

Irma Hernandez story

In this interview my grandmother talk about her life in Ventura California. She also talked about how she moved from Texas to Ventura.

COVID-19 Experience

We talked about how the virus has affected daily life and some things that are going to be remembered from this experience. We also touched on other activities that are available to do currently.

My grandma and I
November 22, 2017 App Interview

It is a interview that describes my grandma ‘s life and the amazing experience that her mum and dad passed, if you see this interview, please click on it and see what’s happening next


In his free time he runs and goes out on his bike. His life changed a lot and now she speaks better English and has no happy memories.

Jennifer and Jason

We just talked about are relationship and how much are lives have changed especially since we found each other and had children

Miss.Boyd Class

We talked about what my Dad did when he was younger, and when I was younger. How he would change things or the dumbest thing he did in life. And his happiest and favorite moments. And why he is the...

Chad Meyer

This is an interview with my dad talking about thanksgiving.

South Valley interview

I felt that this interview went well and my interviewer enjoyed it.

Last day on earth

We talked about how we would spend our last time and our value

Thanks giving interview

Grandma's past life and her miost impacted relationships

Life as an Immigrant

The talk was about how the life of an immigrant can be like and what obstacles they may face.

An interview with my dad

My dad explaining his life while in Italy and the United States.

Sophia Bravo TheGreatListen2018 Carver

Regrets, old friends, and childhood memories have stuck with my grandmother throughout her life.

Interviewing my partner

I interviewed my partner and I asked her some questions. We had to make up question to ask our partner and we had to do a Interview.

plastic bag showdown

Is plastic usage actually affecting our environment.