My dads life

This is his life all the fun times the scary times and all the sad times a little bit but he have a good life and he is still growing up we love you dad

“Father’s Death Shaped My Friend to the Person She Is Now”

Two close friends, since childhood, catch up on Thanksgiving break and discuss the great memories they had with each other. A junior from Egg Harbor Township High School, Katrina Cabinian, interviews her close friend, Maxene Modesto. The interview was conducted...

La vida

Arturo del castillo es un compañero de clase ,a el cual le hago ciertas preguntas sobre su vida en Monterrey y nuestra amistad.

Shikevioni latham interview toccurra pates she is my mother. We talked about her life and me.

Well we talked about life and what could we do to make it better or has made it better. In this journal called life we have made some mistake but God has really been there for us to be a...

Shan interviewing cousin

I interview my cousins and it was a very great talk and great time to get to notice his real answers


I talk with my mom to do this interview for my homework

An interview with my mom

We talked about of my my mom and dad met and their favorite memories of me

Cynthia Clark talks about her personal experiences, life in Jamaica, and her family.

Olivia interviews her mother’s cousin Cynthia. She is 68 years and was boring in Kingston, Jamaica. Cynthia talks about some of her favorite moments of her life, like when she was the May Queen and she crowned the statue Mary....

Adley and DeAndre

Adley interviewing DeAndre about him and his life.

Great Grandpa Interview

Was pretty short and I knew most of the stuff already; but was still cool to listen to.

A+ Story

Interview for human connections. And the power of vulnerability.