Interviewing my dad

His story tells of a life experience that changed his view of the world.


The life of lotus and how she has been impacted throughout her life

Make wise choices

This is about my father who made some bad choices in his younger life but I thank God he had time to fix it

Kauai and his Mom doing an interview.

We did this interview because it was a very interesting little project that my class had to do in English. So I decided do interview my mom and learn more about her.

Focused Questions

We had talked about my favorite memories whith her and when I was little

Irma Hernandez story

In this interview my grandmother talk about her life in Ventura California. She also talked about how she moved from Texas to Ventura.

Jeanne Schulz

This is an interview with my grandma who moved here from west Germany. Chernobyl (my great grandma visited the in the fall of 1986 and got sick because no one knew of the radiation around the area until later)

growing up
December 2, 2019 App Interview

Talked about her life and how it has changed and how it had been growing up through out her life

plastic bag showdown

Is plastic usage actually affecting our environment.

Getting to know Charity even more.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in St.Louis, Missouri, Lisbeth Benitez interviews her close friend Charity about her childhood and her experiences growing up.

Interviewing my mother

Politics, current issues, past issues, and how they all intertwine.

My grandma

I asked her questions about our Steinert side of the family

Life Lessons: entrepreneurship, grief, and resilience

The story of entrepreneur, Brian, shares life lessons on grief, resilience, and the importance of following your dreams.