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A Sculptor Called Time

This interview is between me and Tony Sutowski. Tony is a Instructional Services Specialist in Sculpture department in University of Iowa. In this interview, Tony talked about how he made the choice to work with art for most of his...

Interview with Shawn

I interviewed my stepfather, who works in IT at the Univeristy or Iowa

Andreea Soricut and her dad, Radu Soricut, talk about growing up in Romania and coming to the United States.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California, Andreea Soricut (14) interviews her dad, Radu Soricut (44), about his childhood in Romania and how he came to the United States. Mr. Soricut shares early childhood memories, and...

Creativity for a Lifetime: An Interview with Professor Anne Stapleton

Sydney Ginter sits down with Professor Anne Stapleton, a scholar of British 19th century literature and a professor at the University of Iowa, to have a conversation about creativity and expression.

Talking with my Janitor

An interview with my Janitor, Genie, in which we delve into her life and hobbies, especially attending auctions.

Creativity: All the Way from London to Iowa

I talked to William Jacobs, a man that I met at an alumni event for our fraternity. He is 64 years old and graduated from the University of Iowa in 1975. We talked about William's early stages of life, what...

Interviewing my Grandparents

In this interview I talk to my grandparents (both in their 80s) about aging and creativity, both personally in their lives and in the larger world.

Interview with David Osterberg for Creativity for a Lifetime

I spoke with David Osterberg, an environmental and occupational health professor at the university. David told me about his ventures into creativity in the classroom and outside of it, particularly in educating the public about the dangers of climate change.