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A Great firefighter of a grandfather

my grandfather whom I call Papa, was a firefighter and had some crazy adventures when he was doing that. I learned a lot about him and I hope that you can pull the same lesson that I did from this

Interview with my older brother

My brother does not like to talk a lot so the fact that he sat down with me was really cool


A conversation with my father about his decision to retire from the US Air Force and move the whole family to New Zealand in the 1970s.

Fall Final 2018

This interview was with my dad. We talked about his childhood and when he was in the military.

RVM Earl Kroner Part II

A wonderful life of loving relationships and having adventures around the world. I'm 86 now, Madeleine is 88 as we build our new life, which we call our final bite - which is always the best.

Memories of The Air Force Academy

This is a recording with Tom Fryer, a 1963 graduate of the US Air Force Academy and resident of Manhattan, Kansas, reflecting on some of his memories of the Academy. These included memories from the end of his fourthclass year...

Chloe Harper (17) and her father, Chuck Harper (61), discuss his life experiences (Part 2)

In the second half of the interview, Chloe and Chuck talk about Chuck's travels in the Air Force and how his views of the world have changed over time.

Samuel and Michael talk about the USS Pueblo incident

Michael Buchieri was apart of the US Air Force and was stationed out in South Korea after the USS Pueblo incident. He talks about his experiences in South Korea and how it formed his family.

A Tannen Legacy

A brief history of Peter D Tannen and his journey through life. Recollections of his family and career.

Celebrating Thanksgiving as an Immigrant

For my interview, I chose to record my dad who is 57 years old, and is a retired member of the air force. My dad is originally from Biliran, a province in the Philippines, and grew up in the rural...