Steve Larson In The National Guard

Talked to Steve Larson on his career of joining the Air National Guard.

Colin Mulcahy talks to his father Scott Mulcahy about growing up in Dearborn, Michigan and family.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Colin Mulcahy interviews his father, Scott Mulcahy. Scott shares about his early life in Dearborn, Michigan. He credits his parents for how close his siblings are today. This is...

Ryan Dion talks with Elizabeth Sortino about his life and time in the service

Ryan talks about his life and jobs, one of them being stationed in Iraq at a time of war.

Kenneth H Hamrick

He is 90 today burning his recording and wants to live to be 96

theater interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his childhood, what it was like in the Navy, and his injury that has forced him to be in a wheelchair.

Surviving World War ll

Jenna Genzel interviewed Archie Fagan on November 30, 2019 in New Jersey, USA. Archie Fagan, a 93 year old World War ll veteran, proudly served the United States during World War ll. He explains how he experienced multiple significant events...

My grandfathers journey through the army

Avery Mendola interviews her grandfather when he talks about his past experience in the Army. Her grandfather joined the military when he was 18 and was in the Army for 28 years. He was deployed to the Vietnam War and...

Vietnam Veteran Interview

We talked about Tim Holte’s experience in Vietnam. We focused on his enlisting into the marines and his opinions on the war and military overall.

Life of a military father.

Details of how growing up in a small town and going into the military shaped my fathers life.

Interview with pappy

we talked about everything that happened in his life.

Interview with Thomas Tang

My grandfather's journey from China to Taiwan: When he was 16, he was separated from his family during the Chinese Civil War. He got over it however, after joining and beginning to fight for the government. At 1949, he retreated...

my dad’s life story

Interview between Jaya Kosaraju (17 years old) and her dad, Amar Kosaraju. They talk about his childhood, experiences in India, job as a dentist in the Air Force, and family life.

History Project

We discussed Nelson Family History and what life was like for them in Pensecola, Florida. Also, his time in the Air Force branch of the military after World War 2.

A walk in my grandpas shoes

My grandpa Arthur talked about his life including his wife, time in the military, stories, and family. He explained how life and school was so much different then it is now.

Dave Pandya and his father Hitesh Pandya discuss what it’s like to be in the military as a doctor

Dave Pandya and his father discuss when and why Hitesh Pandya(father) joined the army and stated his duty within the army. Hitesh states what he does and how he does his duties while serving.

Military life

I conducted the interview with my dad to get a little insight to the military adjustments of life, beings I’m thinking of joining as well!


We talked about my dads life growing up and some of his favorite holidays. We also talked about his life in the military.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My father and I talked about a variety of events that happened throughout his life. We discussed points of where he has been, his tough times and his greatest times, and why he made certain decisions in his life.

Dads interview

My dad, John Piccinin, speaks about his experience in the military, as a parent, and a person. Questions were asked specifically to understand his point of view in his life.

My grandfather

This is about my grandfather in the Korean war.