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Evita Smith Chicago mother talks about growing up and life in Chicago today.

I asked my mother about the strong women in her life growing up and how they influenced her. We also talked about her outlook on life in Chicago today and gun control.


This is part one of an interview with me and my mom about her life and experiences.

Why did my Mom move from Mexico to USA

I talked about the journey from Mexico to USA and as to why my mom moved. She described how it was better to live her then in Mexico and California.

Parents. Extra credit history period 6

This is about my dad and some questions about him and his life


My aunt would mostly talk about her childhood. Also, about advise she would give for the future.

The Life of Caroline Miller with Granddaughter Mya Corby

Caroline Miller is a hardworking woman who delicated her life to her children and making sure eveybody was well taken care of and happy.

My Grandma’s Life

We talked about how she grew up. How she went through her life.

Interview with my Mom

Questions were discussed about her childhood and parenting skills. I asked questions that discuss how I am today that is compared my my mother.

TCC interview
September 12, 2023 App Interview

This is for Cierra Rodriguez. She is my wife. This is about her work.

Angela Musick’s interview

In this interview, I asked my mom a wide variety of questions. Some questions talked about her childhood life, some talked about her current life, and some were fun-just to get to know some new interesting facts. One interesting thing...

Social and Gender Injustice

A very good friend and coworker of mine was approached by a customer who assumed that she would never amount to anything.

Me and my moms interview

We talked about her life who was she inspired by, I asked about her Parents.