We talked about her life.We talked about how her life has impacted her in so many ways

Interview with Mom

I am asking my mom questions about herself as a mom and as a teacher and what she hopes for me and my future and things she would have done differently in her life

Me and my uncle talk about his life

Myself Samuel Villa and my uncle Venancio Torres talk about his past experiences of his life. My uncle studies a lot of religion and other stuff like that. He also is retired from 30 years of working for General Motors.

George Haddad, at 95 in Salt Lake city, Utah

This is George discussing his journey from Lebanon to the United States.

Family History Project

My mother and I talked about her history, what she’s most proud of, and how she wants to be remembered.

Interview With Mother
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Listen to a summary about a person who’s always strived for what she wanted, always trusted herself and never gave up.

The Great Listen: Me and My Mom

Here I interviewed my Mom in Fort Mill SC, on the 19th of January, 2020. We talked about love, boys, and advice with relationships. Cancer in your life during and after, family and the effects they've had. A little bit...

Social and Gender Injustice

A very good friend and coworker of mine was approached by a customer who assumed that she would never amount to anything.

Me and my moms interview

We talked about her life who was she inspired by, I asked about her Parents.

Angela Musick’s interview

In this interview, I asked my mom a wide variety of questions. Some questions talked about her childhood life, some talked about her current life, and some were fun-just to get to know some new interesting facts. One interesting thing...

Interview with my Mom

Questions were discussed about her childhood and parenting skills. I asked questions that discuss how I am today that is compared my my mother.

Being Passionate about Work and Hobbies

This is an interview that I conducted with my dad, Kiran Madura, concerning many of his opinions on life in general. We discussed the difference being passionate about work, finding hobbies later in life, and our personal experiences navigating quarantine.

My Grandma’s Life

We talked about how she grew up. How she went through her life.