oral history project

Audrey Magnusen and Lyvia Hall-Feldhaus interviewing Steve Magnusen about the events of the Vietnam War, and the 1960’s overall.

Nana Pip and Amy

Diane Lewen (71), also known as Nana Pip, talks with her Goddaughter, Amy (17) about her experience living in the 1960s in the United States of America.

life in the 1960s

this was an interview with my grandma who lives in Virginia. the interview was about her life in the 60s and what her experiences were and how she looks back on that time .

Robert Hebbeler on the Vietnam War and life during the 60s.

Robert Hebbeler discusses his experience serving in the Vietnam War and what life was like for him during the 60s. He also presents advice he would give to his younger self and how it connects with the advice he would...

oral history project 1960s

I interviewed my grandpa, 71 years old, and we talked about his life and experience in the 1960s.

Ani Evans and Candy Ashby

Candy Ashby (71) talks with her grandchild, Ani Evans (16) about her childhood in the 1960's and how it was different than how it is now. She talked about her experience as a teenager and what it was like growing...

Interview my grandpa

This interview s consisted on various questions about what life was like when he was younger, about how he felt about the draft and Vietnam, and his personal experience serving in Germany.

USH Interview

We interviewed Jim and Brenda DeCoursey. we discuss several topics. And answer questions answered questions.

Henry Teuteberg and Michael Saxon talking to Michael Gene Saxon

Henry Teuteberg (17) and Michael Saxon (17): 2023-04-13 00:11:59 Talks with Michael Gene Saxon (80) about his time in the military during the 1960s and what that was like for him.

Ethan McDonald and Norma McDonald

Norma McDonald (78) talks to Ethan McDonald (17) her grandson about her experiences during the 1960s living in Oklahoma.

Meredith Koons

Meredith Koons: 2022-04-11 15:09:30 - interview with my grandparents about life in the 60s

"Brady Hinshaw and Libby Elrich"

Brady Hinshaw: 2024-04-11 23:58:46 I Interviewed my Grandma, who lives in Rensselaer, Indiana, and is 71 years old. We discussed the effects of the Vietnam war had on her and her family members/spouse during the 60s (she was 8-16 during...