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story corps project

Mathew Edwards close friends of Hagin James seeks insight of his love of theater. why he keeps on going and what lessons has he gained from theater.

Blair Bates and Nelson Nave

Colleagues Blair Bates (66) and Nelson Nave (75) talk about their work in historic preservation, Blair working as a restoration contractor and Nelson as an architect, to maintain the Ladies’ Library Association building in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Tristan Earl and Cheryl Dolinger Brown

Tristan Earl, 17 interviews his grandmother, Cheryl, 71 about her early life, briefly her adult life before he was born and her experiences with him when he was young.

Ruth Newell Donohue & Linda Hinton discuss "making it work" in the wine business

Ruth Newell Donohue (wine & spirits distributor in CT) shares stories with Linda Hinton (wine supplier in central US) about finding her groove in the competitive wine business.

mila lostao & nina kotval

2021-05-28 18:09:12 Nina Kotval (16) speaks about school experience and opinions.

Trinity Stump interviews her Father (John Stump)

Trinity Stump (17) interviews her Dad John Stump (51) in Neosho, Missouri on Dec. 2021 They discuss past memories, his childhood, and their ancestors.

Interview with my mom

In this interview I asked my mom some questions regarding how she felt about her being a mother raising me and how she felt about my success.

COVID-19 and how it has effected a lot of people's lives.

Kyle Mackey talks to his Grandpa about the pandemic known as COVID-19 and how it has affected his life. Kyle and his Grandpa also talk about how his grandpa feels about the rules and restrictions this pandemic comes with. They...

Brycen Prater interviews his father, Tyson Prater and asks him about his life and life experiences.

In this interview, conducted on April 29th, a student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood Washington, interviewing my dad, Tyson Prater about his life experiences. The main idea of the interview is how life has gone for him and...

Minzamariam Makoye and Alecious Marie Togbah

Minzamariam talks about her experiences throughout United World College East Africa. The diverse environment of UWC helped open her eye to so many things in life. It also taught her how to respect people's beliefs, values, and cultures.

Learning more about my great grandma

In this interview I talk with my mom about my great grandma, and learn about the traditions she started and the ones we’ll continue.

Christine Mitchell and Stanley Mitchell

Christine Mitchell (62) speaks to her husband, Stanley Mitchell (73) about how the two of them met and fell in love later in life, and they speak about living together in a log cabin in the middle of the woods.

Melvin Thomas and Rebecca Belleville

Melvin Thomas (23) talks to his former high school art teacher, Rebecca Belleville (32), about his drive in middle school to go to a top performing high school, his interest in sculpture, being an African American male in the art...

Jermaine Anderson and Lisa Nitsch

Jermaine Anderson (42) talks to friend and colleague Lisa Nitsch (39) about his upbringing in inner-city Baltimore and beloved family, his history of abusive partnership and overcoming abusive behavior through the Gateway Project, and why he is excited for his...

Gregory Hartzler-Miller and Cindy Hartzler-Miller

Gregory Hartzler-Miller (55) talks to his wife Cindy Hartzler-Miller (54) about gaining a heightened spiritual awareness and how it has changed his life and their marriage.

Jonathan Morancy and Kerry Morancy

Jonathan Morancy (47) speaks to his wife, Kerry Morancy (44), about the process of adopting their two children and their opposite, yet complimentary, parenting styles. They speak about the experience being white parents raising African American children.

Dorothy Macarus and Julianne Macarus

Julianne Macarus (59) speaks to her mother, Dorothy Macarus (84). Dorothy reflects on her time singing in a trio and meeting her husband, David.

Sandra Millers Younger and Coleen L. Geraghty

Coleen, 52, interviews her friend and colleague, Sandra, 52, about the experience she and her husband had escaping from the Cedar Fire of 2003, which destroyed their home and nearly all their possessions.