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Dad’s First Car

How a friend pretended to be his Father to buy a car

My grandpa’s memories

I interviewed my grandfather and asked hims questions about his childhood and his teenage years. As well as asking him about some difficult times coming to the US from Mexico

Corey and Bo

Corey’s life and how his decisions effected him.

“Me and a million other kids wanted to be an astronaut.” an interview with Doug Archer

Doug Archer has a rock collection, only he’s never actually held any of the stones, and they are hundreds of millions of miles away on Mars. As a research scientist working with the Curiosity Mars rover in NASA’s Johnson Space...

Hurricane Iris

My grandma and more family was eight in the path of a massive hurricane. And suddenly it turned just in time.

Interview with mom

A few questions I asked my mom

Kellie Callahan

I Interviewed my dad to find out what it was like to grow up in the 70's

Gina Esposito and Dylan Lewandowski

Gina Esposito: 2021-03-25 22:10:41 Gina Esposito (20) talks with her colleague, Dylan Lewandowski (21) about their political differences.

A Discussion About Rutgers With My Mother, a Rutgers Alumna

In this interview I spoke with my mother, Jennifer Tarantino, about her experience as a Rutgers student in the early 1990s and how the university has changed and improved over time.

Bye, Papa

Eddie, also know as Papa to his 2 granddaughters, sadly passed while on the kids’ summer break. He was like a father to Jalyssa, the older one of the two. They really never had a father, since their parents divorced...

Progress and Regress: Victor and Shaan Talk Travel, Tech, and Trump

An interview with VP Shaan Ranasinghe looking back on the past and forward to the future, through the lenses of technology, comedy, and Joe Rogan

Service learning interview

Interviewed my music teacher about his work past and present accomplishments

Self-harm scars and cover up tattoos (among other things) pt. 2

I sat down with the lovely Aften, who is a tattoo artist and business owner of White Lodge Tattoo and Gallery to talk about self-harm scars and the cover up tattoos.

Human Growth and Development Interview

My interview with Eva O Saucedo consists me asking questions about her 68 years of life and her children.

Hi Anthony, hi Dad

I interviewed my father. This is what happened.

Dad’s interview

Abouts my dad's life after he crossed the border

Service Learning Project

In this interview I talk with my brother Martin about his life and future plans.

Jenna and Mom. Reflections.

This is an interview with my mom who reflects on her life and love after 50 years of marrrige with my dad. I now understand how my life has been shaped by values both mom and dad instilled in me.