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A New Life In a New Place

Quyen is a Vietnamese immigrant who came to America while escaping Communism in his 30s, and like all immigrants, tried to adjust to his new life in an entirely different country.

Moonshine in Hickman County, Tennessee

James Hassell talking about his moonshine making days.

How I gained a new hobby.

I talk about my new hobby of walking through the pandemic.

Poppy & Lex

it was my poppy’s birthday today! he’s 73! we talked for a good bit about my grama and his military service.

Interview with me and mom!

Here I asked my mom seven questions and she answers them in full detail about her opinion and about her view on her life.

Angel Lopez Interview

I interview my sister about her time at Buena as a student athlete. She discussed her time there as she managed her time.

COM 1000 Interview with Austin Martin

In this interview, we talked about Austin Martin’s life.

A Talk With My Mom

This is an interview with me and my amazing mother:)

StoryCorps Connect Feb 23 2021 6:57 pm

Talked about the covid pandemic and how it affected us.

Cami and Andrew Cochrane

Cami Cochrane (21) talks with her father, Andrew Cochrane (50) about changes in communication throughout his lifetime: 2021-02-21 17:54:19



Snowy day

A short story of when my sister was little and having a rough time in our Wisconsin farm

Denis Probst 1

My grandfather, 95-year-old Denis Probst talks about his childhood, and his first wife’s struggles with mental illness.

Story Corps Art

Mostly the individuals life over the past year of 2020 and how covid has affected their life.

Zoe and Bubbe

I asked Bubbe about her family and my dad growing up.

Clara Walsh

Clara Walsh: 2021-04-27 17:22:55 Interview about a story of my life(Clara Walsh) during COVID-19