K. Jane Duncan and Kathryn Grady

Kathryn Grady (51) interviews her mother, K. Jane Duncan (80), about her childhood, her travels, her teaching career, her experience raising two children as single mother, and how her attitude toward traditional gender roles has changed throughout the course of...

News Around the World

In conversation with WNBC anchor Michael Garguilo, Amanda Gaffney discusses his career and the effects it has had on his life.

Barbara Brown and Helen Ens

One Small Step conversation partners Barbara Brown (79) and Helen Ens (77) discuss their similar experiences as Christian missionaries in Colombia, as well as their differing political views.

Brandon M. Talks to Melveana M.

Brandon Morse talks to Melveana Moore about her memories and childhood with church, family and her life during the simpler times.

Kristin Mawhinney and Kate Holmes

Kristin Mawhinney (68) and her daughter Kate Holmes (39) share a conversation about their careers working in education.

Dan Pipes and Shanna Ratner

Friends, Braver Angels colleagues and One Small Step conversation partners Dan Pipes (57) and Shanna Ratner (67) talk about their political values, government structure, influences and experiences that shaped their perspectives, and their personal views on racism and education.

Linda Green and Mark Green

Spouses Linda Green (68) and Mark Green (67) talk about their experiences with the military. They discuss being in the Air Force band.

The Interesting History of Carmelita Mixon

In this interview, Carmelita Mixon gives a glimpse of her life to her granddaughter, Maria Mixon. We discussed her relationship with Reginald Lewis, Modeling, New York, Her Husband, and living during Segregation. We hope you enjoy!!!

Jessica Harlan and her father, Greg Goldbogen, talk about his time in the United States Army Fife and Drum Corps during the Vietnam War.

Jessica Harlan (49) interviews her father, Greg Goldbogen (77). Greg was drafted into the United States Army in 1968 and served during the Vietnam War in the Fife and Drum Corp and as driver for government officials including Vice President...

"Everyone lives in a watershed. We're all connected." an interview with Karen Prestegaard

Karen Prestegaard is a professor of hydrology at the University of Maryland, and she studies rivers, wetlands, watersheds, water quality, minerals, floods, and rainfall and watershed management. As a graduate student, the California Coastal Commission hired Karen to study Los...

Historian Project- Interviewing my Grandma

At RHS we conduct interviews of the older people around us to gain information on their lives and insight on what they’ve learned. Today I interviewed my favorite person, my Glamma!

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Carina Fernandez (48) is being interviewed by her daughter, Sol Fernandez (13). Carina talks about her teenage years in Argentina, her personal opinions, and her family now living in Miami.

M. Charisma Williams and Peter Cober

One Small Step conversation partners M. "Charisma" Williams (38) and Peter "Pete" Cober (70) talk about their upbringings, their travel experiences, and their hopes for the future of the United States.

Katy Frank and Susan Frank

One Small Step conversation partners, Susan Frank (52) and Katy Frank (41), have a discussion and touch on religion, politics and life during COVID-19.

William Conkell and Christopher Conkell

Christopher Conkell (33) has a conversation with his father, William "Bill" Conkell (74). Topics include Bill's childhood in a military family, his education and career, as well as starting a family of his own.

Women of the Elevator Industry: Julie Furrer and Beverly Dayman

In celebration of International Women's Day, Schindler Elevator Corporation interviewed female employees that paved the way for women in the industry. In this conversation, Julie Furrer and Beverly Dayman discuss how mentorship has played a role throughout their careers.

“All conservation is local so, getting involved at a local scale, you’re much more likely to see results.” An interview with Stuart Weiss

“When you find yourself climbing San Bruno Mountain just south of San Francisco with a butterfly net collecting mission blue butterflies to repopulate on Earth Day, it doesn't get better than this.” Stuart Weiss is passionate about conservation ecology. He’s...

“The best part about science is that if you do an experiment and your hypothesis is wrong you just try again” An interview with Adeena Teres

Adeena Teres is a high school science teacher in Florida, although she tried a few different careers before following her passion for teaching. As a teacher, there are always opportunities to inspire students either into science careers or towards other...