A Look at Family and History

In this interview, conducted in Nov 2018 in California, Alameda, Cameron Padgette (14) interviews his mother Heather Padgette about her family and her Dad's (Robert B. Clapp) participation in the Vietnam War.

Erin tells how she came to have such long hair…

Erin tells the tales of her traumatic childhood hair events that lead to her having such long hair, the changes her hair has under gone, and how she sees hair as a big part of her identity through her photography...

Interviewing Carly Lam

In this interview, conducted on November 2018 in Alameda, California, Gabriela Tadeo (13) interviews her friend Carly Lam (13) about her lessons she's learned and her personal life.


I interviewed my dad, I asked him questions about his life, food and family.