Nena’s Interview

My grandmother”s stokes (video cut off but it was finished) at the end of the story Nena said how her spouse always gave her kids time.

Melita Garmon Pt 2

My mother’s experiences growing up in Albania.

Interview with my Mom

This explored my mother’s life back in Albania 25 years ago and her immigration to America.


A mission in China followed by a mission in Albania.

Thanksgiving Listen

A lot was talked about her childhood and her relationships with everyone

Melita Garmon Pt 1

My mother’s experiences growing up in Albania.

Interview with my Immigrant Grandmother

My grandmothers journey traveling to America in her 20’s and the challenges she went through.

Great Listen- Lucas Colligan FHS

I interviewed my step father about his time in the army, his religion and just his life in general

Casual interview with mom

I ask my mom casual questions about her childhood and focus mainly on her pets.

The Struggles of Immigrating to A New Country

Brandon Marina: 2022-12-01 06:38:43 This is an interview of me and my mom and the story of how they immigrated and the struggles they faced. My hope is that anyone watching can see that it is possible and you too...

Interview With My Dad

We talked about his career mostly and how he succeeded as an immigrant.

Kledion Naksi Kastriot Naksi – Interview with my father, life in Albania vs life in America
November 26, 2018 App Interview

In this interview with my father, I asked him questions to find out more about his life in Albania compared to life here in the United States.