Daughter interviewing her 87 year old father

A daughter interviewing her father about his childhood in England, his parents and grandparents, his marriage and his life in Canada.

Reflections of my grandmother on her 89th birthday

My grandmother recounts traveling on the train with her sister by themselves when they were 8 and 9-years-old in the late 1930s; going to college and living in Alberta, Canada; and working at an advertising agency in the 1950s in...

Interview with Edward Verdonk

This is short interview with my dad Edward Verdonk. We discuss topics such as childhood, jobs, future, and holidays. Ed is a physicist and father to 4 living in San Jose CA.

Adam McDougall and Delmy Alas-Cruz Practice Interview for ICS510

Adam McDougall: 2020-10-08 00:13:35 Practice Interview for ICS510 Delmy shares one of her happiest memories of when her mother accepted Jesus. Adam talks about his Uncle John who helped shape early understandings of religion.