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Jaime Odell interviews dad, Rod Trenary, about 1961 Sleeping Child Fire

Rod Trenary describes what he experienced as a 20-year-old working on a major forest fire for the first time. The fire burned more than 26,000 acres.

Jaime Odell interviews Audrey Gilmore about her art history, time in Glacier, and her life in Alberton

Audrey Gilmore discusses the mural she painted in the Alberton Elementary school during the 1950s, what it was like living in Alberton at that time, her time in Glacier, and what it was like being a female artist in that...

Linda Watley Norris and Pearl Watley Mitchell

Sisters, Linda Watley Norris (73) and Pearl Watley Mitchell (78), describe what it was like growing up in Columbus, GA, reminisce about the fun times they had as children, and remember family members who have passed away.