Tessy Thykkuttathil and Teresa Walker

One Small Step conversation partners Tessy Thykkuttathil (69) and Teresa Walker (62) discuss their Christian faith, growing up in India (Tessy) and Texas (Teresa), racism, the impact of their parents, traveling in India and navigating political discussions with friends who...

A life well lived

This is a conversation I had with my dad. He is very intelligent and a huge part of my life. I wanted the opportunity to be able to come back an listen to his words. He has made a big...

Nate Green and Liz Green

Spouses Nate Green (44) and Liz Green (40) talk about purchasing the Starlight Canyon Bed and Breakfast and how their lives have been since running the B&B and having kids.

Lou Seabourn and Cathy Shofner

Friends Cathy "Ann" Shofner [no age given] and Lou Ann Seabourn (64) remember the first time they met, talk about the summer they spent working at the theater, and share about their educational background and careers.

Walton Dunbar and Hebrard Greene

Friends Hebrard Greene Jr. (76) and Walton Dunbar (77) reflect on their unlikely friendship, Walton’s journey as a “recovering racist,” and what they have learned from one another.

Constantine Saadeh and Nicole Davey-Ranasinghe

Friends and colleagues Dr. Constantine Saadeh (63) and Dr. Nicole Davey-Ranasinghe (39) talk about COVID-19 and the challenging year 2020 has been. They talk about their first meeting, what it has been like working together, and reflect on their hopes...