Jim Sayers and Donna Prizgintas

Jim Sayers (77) and Donna Prizgintas talk about his memories of growing on a farm in Humboldt, Iowa, the transition of the farm through generations and his hope for the future of the land and his family.


We talked about how he lived in Germany for 3 years, and that he worked on a boat dering collage. He has done some dumb things but has gonna way smarter and hopes that he can remember all his memories...

Shelley Buffalo and Thomas Peters

Shelley Buffalo (55) talks with her eldest son Thomas Peters (22) about the Meskwaki nation and their tribal bison herd. Thomas describes working with the bison and their importance to the tribe. Recorded at the Practical Farmers of Iowa annual...

Qualitative Interview

In this video, I interviewed my best friend and roommate, Alyssa. Alyssa I’d graduating this semester, and I have been cherishing every moment I’ve had with her in the last year that we’ve been living together. She has so much...

After Living and Working Around the Globe, a Grandmother Tells Her Story

As a part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen project, a grandaughter interviews her grandmother about her childhood, the time she spent working as a surgical nurse and assistant to the Levi Strauss family, and asks for some advice.