Me talking to my oldest brother about his childhood and work side

Mrs.Shaffer and I talking about experiences

We just had a normal conversation between a student and teacher.

The Zoo!

We talked about why she married Larry witch is my grandfather now. Then we talked about how the zoo got started.

Barbara Cartwright Part 1

Barbara and I talked about her early life, especially with her Grandparents (Almond) from her birth in Noblesville, IN to about age 13 in Arcadia, IN


I learned a few things about my mom

“I’ll Never Stop Being Proud Of You”

As a child, Tara felt the need to be perfect in every way. She decided to interview her mother to discuss how her mother’s high expectations and OCD like behavior affected her self-esteem. Her mother, Sheryl, reassured her that she...

My mom

What was we talk about was thing about my mom