Lou and Julie Melini

Lou and Julie talk about their childhoods, family, adventures biking and hiking, and how important being a team has been for them and their family.

Mark Fleming and Maggie O'Conner Reardon

Mark Fleming (73) talks to his life partner, Maggie O’Conner Reardon [no age given], about his experiences as a Vietnam War veteran and the impact it has had on him.

Evan’s life

We talked about Evan’s life how he grew up who his favorite relatives were and goals that he would like to accomplish his life as well as some dreams he has

Gaylord Yost and Linda White

Former colleagues Linda White (61) and Gaylord Yost (89) discuss their shared experiences working for the United States Forest Service and how that work intersected with the North Country National Scenic Trail.

"Keg in a kayak" Interview with Amy Rubin and Chris Donochod from the Big Pillow Brewery in Hot Springs North Carolina

Ike Lassiter interviews Amy Rubin and Chris Donochod from the newly established Big Pillow Brewery on December 13, 2021. Details include their history and the events that led them to bringing the first brewery and a vibrant community gathering spot...