The Affect of Immigration

I talked to my grandma about her father’s family of 13, and how being immigrants changed his life, and hers.

Interviewing mom for school

We talked about my moms childhood and the traditions that we have passed down through our family and lots about family stuff.

Nonnie, in Appleton, WI

Talking to my grandmother (89) about her life in WI and memories of our family.

IFR Interview-Sydney Mueller
November 3, 2019 App Interview

I asked my dad about his life so far, his childhood and all of his most interesting life experiences.

The Story Of My Birth

This interview is about my parents and I and my journey of being born. It is shared if he hardships that they faced and what they gained by this experience.

My Story Of My Birth

For my parents and children class i have to talk to my mom about the story of my birth

Grandma galow

Talked about my dad as a kid, school/nursing, school, and her life with grandpa.