Interview with Anthony Macias

Anthony Macias my good friend and fellow student aid and I have a heart to heart conversation. We discuss question about our lives and where we stand mentally.

Joseph Lou and Frisel Lou

Frisel Lou (33) interviews her father, Joe Lou (84) about his childhood in Arkansas and Mississippi. Joe talks about being Chinese-American in the south, going to segregated schools, helping his parents out in their shop, and finally moving out to...

The Two Bros Interview

Two bros talkin about their beliefs and where they want to end up. A final conversation before they part ways in life.

John Register and Alice Register

John Register (56) and wife Alice Register (52) remember the early days of their relationship, John's dedication to Track & Field, his amputation, and ultimate win at the Paralympics in Sydney in 2000.

Treva T. and Elijah Wiseman

Treva T. (83) talks to Elijah Wiseman (17) about growing up on a rural farm in Arkansas and the bonds she shared with her brothers as she grew up as the only girl her age within 100 miles.


Marilyn Ballard True talks about her life growing up in Owen county Kentucky and Charlestown Indiana.

Scout and Nana 1 on 1

Linda McMaster and Scout McMaster talk about what Nana’s life was like.

I interviewed Emy, my grandmother in 2016. We chat about life, love, early days growing up in Kansas, and everything in between.

In 2016 I began interviewing my grandmother, who is now 89, to try and capture some of her stories before it’s too late. I initially set out to do a podcast, but life got busy so I’ve resorted to putting...

StoryCrops Project (1) by: Ghalib Ashai

My mother and I, discuss her childhood and journey throughout life. Her experiences as an immigrant, and how she found her proffession today

Grandpa Philip

He talks about his child hood, a little about how his family came to america, growing up with his mom and family, his college experience, moving to California from Kentucky, and marrying my grandma Sally and living with my dad...

A Conversation With My Uncle

This story explains the hardship, support, and motivation that was needed for my uncle to succeed. This recording explains how the people in his life helped him to achieve his ultimate goal and succeed.

Interview – Makayla Briggs

This interview includes me asking my brother about his experiences with having aspergers syndrome.

Grandparents day

We talked about my grandparents childhood and where they were from. We talked about their family members and what they were like.