Olivia and Melissa – On comparing paths to Higher Education

Olivia, 17 talks with Melissa, 44 about transitioning to UNCA at different ages and stages of life.

Emily Snow and Donna Maxwell

Emily Snow (43) interviews her mother, Donna Maxwell (74), about how her heart condition, Tetraology of Fallot, impacted her childhood, her experience having open-heart surgery in the 1960s, and how her life changed after surgery.

Interview with Mason Jones Age 10

Interview with my son Mason. Age 10, At home.

Sarah Alfano and Michael Alfano

Spouses, Sarah Alfano (33) and Michael "Mike" Alfano (37), discuss the joys, challenges, and fulfillment that came with navigating their first year of parenthood during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also share their hopes and dreams for their daughter, Siena.

Interview with Mason Jones Age 11

Interview with my son, Mason Jones, who is 11 years old. setting is Asheville, NC

Rebecca Anaya and Gordon Dale

Gordon Dale (31) speaks with his girlfriend, Rebecca Anaya (33), about their meeting and courtship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regine, Leslee, & Jessica's Introductory Interview

Regine Criser (FYS 178 instructor), Leslee Johnson (HUM 124 instructor), and Jessica Pisano (LANG 120 instructor) share the places they call home, their most meaningful questions, and their greatest life lessons.

Jacob and Robbie

We just talked about our past experiences with Reading, Writing, Education, and Communication

Palmirotto Family

This is the Palmirotto family interview. Nicholas Palmirotto, age 42, birthday September 17, 1979. Lindsay Dunn Palmirotto, age 45, birthday, October 31, 1976. Gary Palmirotto, age 70, birthday September 8, 1951. Carla Neese Palmirotto, age 70, birthday July 22, 1952....

Turkey Day with Uncle Jack

Reminiscing on the draft, WWII, post-war America, and the GI Bill. How a young artist journeyed out of the war and onto the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Michael Hall & Antony Newell: Surrogate Family in a Penitentiary
April 25, 2022 App Interview

This interview explores lessons learned in prison and how two inmates developed a father-son relationship. The relationship endures to this day as both lead lives of purpose and integrity.

Brandon and Amara

This interview was about our experiences with ready, writing, communication and education

Kit Crabtree Interviewed by Nick Dugan
September 2, 2021 App Interview

Nick interviews me on my experiences with communication and the ways that’s changed the way I look at things.

Nothing but the truth

In this interview I talked about the truth of my life. The situations that made me and the ups and downs in my life.

Maddy Hayler and Noah "Mick" Trexler.

Maddy and Noah gets to talk about a moment or a person who inspired them about communication, reading, and education.

Craig White on What He's Learned from Helping Schools Become More LGBTQ-Affirming with the Campaign for Southern Equality

Craig White, Supportive Schools Coordinator for the Campaign for Southern Equality, reflects on growing up in rural Maine, coming out as bisexual, and supporting young people in their own journeys along the way.