Leon Goldstein and Jeff Schatten

Jeff Schatten (31) interviews his grandfather, Leon C. Goldstein, about his career as a business owner, views on race, experience serving as the president of the Atlanta chapter of the Anti Defamation League, and most notable life lessons .

Susie Hatfield and Brooke Hatfield

Brooke Hatfield (30) interviews her mother, Susie Hatfield (56) about her favorite childhood memories, most notable experiences of her 32-year teaching career, and struggles with breast cancer and family deaths.

Ap Lang-Teaching During a Pandemic

interview with my mom about her life, and teaching during the pandemic

Elisheba Fowlkes and Julie Jones

StoryCorps intern, Julie Jones (47), interviews Elisheba Fowlkes (33) about her family history, recent move from Brooklyn to Atlanta, and most notable memories working for Barack Obama's campaign in 2012.

Calinda Lee and Kennedi Johnson

Dr. Calinda Lee (48) talks with her intern Kennedi Johnson (24) about the Corona Collective work, the uprisings in the US, and thoughts of solidarity.

Jackie Wren and Keri Foster

Jackie (30) talks to her friend Keri (33) about her experiences in the military, being underestimated because she is a feminine woman, and deploying to Afghanistan.

Jean Hughey, William Hughey, Tara Hughey, and Amanda Hughey

Tara (34) and Amanda Hughey (26) interview their grandparents, William(87) and Jean L. Hughey (85), about growing up during the depression, memories of World War II, their courtship and marriage, and favorite life memories.

Ulysses Elijah, Nancy Lehrer , and Sarah Blanton

Physical therapists, Sarah Blanton (50) and Nancy Lehrer (49), interview their patient, Ulysess Elijah (59), who talks about his life after a life-changing spinal cord injury.

William "Bill" Gripp and Christine Tigue

William "Bill" Gripp (75) speaks with his friend Christine Tigue (41) about growing up gay and becoming involved in gay politics at the Atlanta Gay Center

Harriet Murphy and Anita Dabney

Judge Harriet M. Murphy [no age given] tells her friend, Anita E. Dabney [no age given], about her education and path to Judgeship on the Municipal Court in Austin, TX. Judge Murphy discusses her work with the NACP and the...

Bart Conner and Kathy Johnson Clarke

Bart Conner (62) and colleague Kathy Johnson Clarke (61) talk about their overlapping Olympic gymnastics careers and their current work together as broadcast partners.

Immigration and the struggles

This interview is about one of my classmate . It mostly about her immigration stories and her passion.

Stephany Mason and Tabitha Mason

Tabitha Mason, 22, asks her step-mother Stephany Mason, 46, about her career as well as the challenges of joining a family.

Arlene Ackerman, Jacquie Ackerman, and Amanda Ackerman

Amanda Ackerman (28) talks with her mothers Arlene Ackerman (68) and Jacquie Ackerman (67) about her adoption and the search for her birth mother.

Robert Loftis and Sarah Loftis

Sarah Loftis (51) and her husband Robert E. Loftis (53) tell the story of their relationship. They first dated in high school, Sarah turned down two marriage proposals by Robert, and they married other people. After they divorced their first...

Bryant O'Hara and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (59) continues a discussion with his friend Bryant O'Hara (50) about Bryant's life with an emphasis on his journey as a writer.

Jowanna Peterson and Anthony Bridgeman

Jowanna Peterson (56) and Anthony Bridgeman (42) talk about their involvement with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the surrounding community, and what it's like living in Indianapolis.

Kathi Martin and Billie Ross

Kathi Martin (55) and her friend Billie Ross (62) talk about how Kathi's relationship with her father influenced her going into ministry and what happened on the day that Kathi was ousted from her own church that she built.

Keira Webb and Fred Witt: the great thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my grandfather about his childhood,what he is thankful for, and what his life was like when he was growing up. This interview was done over a phone for the great thanksgiving listen.