Kendall Kohn and her grandmother Elizabeth Kohn talk about growing up in Newberry, South Carolina.

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019, in Plano, Texas, Kendall Kohn (16) interviews her grandmother Elizabeth Kohn about her experience growing up in a segregated town. Ms. Kohn shares her experience in a small southern town, and what...

Alex Coleman and Karla Montgomery-Ramirez

Alex Coleman (50) and her niece Karla Montgomery-Ramirez (28) have a conversation about how both came to the United States from Colombia and the experiences they've had that led them to start Energy Works ATL, a holistic health and family...

Story of my dad
November 28, 2018 App Interview

Talking to my dad about his life growing up and the tough decisions he had to make for our family and country that have lead to where I am living right now and is the reason I have all of...

Interview project

I found something about my dad I did not know before about my dad.

52min with Lotus Wu

this interview was my mom’s 74th birthday gift. her name is Lotus Wu, age 74, and I’m Sunny Wu-Fagalde, age 43. I asked my mom questions regarding me as a child and her family heritage. we got cut off by...

Sharon Ross, Larry Duncan, and Sarah Mitchell

Sharon Ross (45) has a conversation with her father Larry Lee Duncan, Sr. (80) and her great aunt Sarah Petty Smith Mitchell (89) about their family and some of its history in Georgia.

Emmy Courts and Melanie Martins interview

My grandmother and I talked about her life and how it has thought her good lessons. We talked about her past and future.

Her Story Our Future

The Remarkable Life and Legacy of my grandmother Civil Rights Attorney Carrie J Thompson Esq. Attorney and friend of Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinham, and Congressman John Conyers Jr. to name a few

Robert McGahee’s childhood exerts
November 28, 2022 App Interview

I am Jack McGahee and I am 21 interviewed Robert McGahee who is my father and he is 68. we spoke about his childhood growing up and all that he experienced and his “trials and tribulations”

The Good Old Days

Jewel and I sat next to each other all semester. I rarely knew anything about her, except that she was really funny. This gave me a little peak into her life.

Nancy Green and Neiger Patrick

Neiger Green Patrick (37) interviews her grandmother Nancy Mae Green (98) about Nancy's life and about her husband and her starting the Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church 50 years ago.

Jad Elchahal and Ryan King

Friends, former roommates, and recent college graduates, Jad Elchahal (22) and Ryan King (23), have a conversation about Ryan's recent trip to Atlanta as well as their experiences as seniors in college during the COVID-19 pandemic and their thoughts about...

Interview with mom

In this interview I interview my mom (Adrian Bennett) about her upbringing and her journey to become a doctor.

Devika Patridge, Timothy Patridge, and Adisa Patridge

Siblings Devika Patridge (41) and Adisa Patridge (33) talk to their father, Timothy "Tim" Patridge (70), about his life as he reflects on it after his recent 70th birthday, and they talk about all working together in their family catering...