My Mom

This is about how my parents met and their happiest times together

Story Corps Q2

On Dec. 12, 2017, I, Parker Thompson, interviewed Paul Fischer about his life and experiences

Living On Alert Status

Life on United States Air Force Base Griffiss during the Cold War and living on Alert Status

Interview with Grandma <3

When my Grandma grew up things were definitely different than modern times

Interview with “Saba” Goldlust

An evening conversation about a loving grandfather with his son (and grandson) about growing up in New York City

Interview with Dr. Ashley

I interviewed my boss about her experience as a Physical Therapist and her decisions to open her own practice.

Derek Anderson & Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson talked about how he grew up and how he became who he is today. We touched on how he became successful and how his life was a challenge.

Frances Amello, 97 years old

This is a synopsis of the life of Frances Amello. Born in NYC in 1924.

Interview with Brian Zapfel

In this interview we talked about my brothers interests, hobbies, and best and worst memories.

Grandparents Interview
November 25, 2015 App Interview

My grandfather, Harry, was a rocket scientist for General Electrics. My grandmother, Marie, worked in an atomic power lab and chemistry research lab. They were married in 1951.

Mother’s Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was conducted in November 2017 in College Point, NY, Maui Cate Tumanda interviews her mother, Marichu Tumanda, about her life and childhood. Mrs. Tumanda’s parents had a great impact in her life and were one of the factors...

Me and My Mother
November 30, 2021 App Interview

In conclusion, this is an interview with my mother whom I love very much.

Our Amazing Uncle

We talked about our uncle’s part in the military, and what he wanted to be when he grew up and why. #OceansideSchool4

Robert Mere-Christmas 2018

Robert Mere shared his memories of growing up, the influence of education and a strong loving family on his development, and the importance of accepting other people where they are at. He used the culmination of his 79 years of...

First Day of School

Ernest talked about his experience on the First Day of school.