Cherie Barco and Sean Augustus

Baltimore City Recovery Corps service provider Sean Augustus (41) and his client, Cherie Barco (41), discuss the importance of the program and share their proudest moments.

Philip Hayes and Dick Novotny

One Small Step conversation partners Phil Hayes (72) and Dick Novotny (73) talk to each other about their upbringings and education. They discuss their opinions about sports, the 2020 election, and racial inequality.

Shamia Brightful and Mothyna James-Brightful

Shamia Brightful (32) talks with her sister-in-law Mothyna James-Brightful (36) about their relationship, and her appreciation and admiration for Mothyna's confidence and her work for women's wellness. Mothyna talks about her own journey in making conscious commitments to herself and...

Elaine Melko and Daniel Melko

Elaine Melko (47) speaks with her father Daniel "Dan" Melko (83) about his childhood and time in the U.S. Navy.

Interview with a Nurse about aging.

Interview with my colleague at Sheppard Pratt as she is preparing to retire.

DonnaAnn Ward and Aarika Wood

Friends Aarika Wood (41) and DonnaAnn Ward (56) share a conversation about their upbringings, their friendship, and their experiences with race and racism in Baltimore. MD.

Madeline Murphy Rabb and Andrew Walker

Friends and colleagues Andrew Walker (52) interviews Madeline Murphy Rabb (76) about her passion for swimming and the National Association of Senior Games where Ms. Murphy Rabb recently took home four gold medals.

Me and my great-grandmother.

How my great-grandmother grew up and where she lived when she was younger.

Sara Bradley Carta and Richard Carta

Sara Bradley Carta (37) talks to her husband Richard Carta (36) about how and why she became a nurse. Discusses a connection to her family and international travel.

Orbit Clanton and Eliel Cruz for Stonewall OutLoud

Orbit Clanton (56) tells Eliel Cruz about growing up in Baltimore, MD, joining the navy, realizing he was gay, falling in love, and becoming an HIV activist.

Larry Saddler and Tsanonda Edwards

Tsanonda Edwards (40) talks with his friend Larry Saddler (40) about his early life and the mentors and relationships that have nurtured his sense of purpose, connection, and wellness. They share about their work together in mentoring youth, and dispelling...

Ameeran Ali, Attrice Stamps, and Wanda Ellington

Friends Ameeran Ali [age unknown], Attrice Stamps [age unknown], and Wanda Ellington [age unknown] discuss religious faith, their church community, and life with a large, mixed family.

Aaron Newell and Amberly Newell

Aaron Newell (42) talks with his daughter, Amberly Newell (13), about the way his faith influences his decisions, his experience adopting Amberly, and their work in the community.

Elijah Cummings and Roswell Encina

Congressman Elijah Cummings (64) talks to Roswell Encina (45) about the impact the Enoch Pratt Library has had on his life since being in Special Education as a child, and his gratitude to the librarians who encouraged him to excel.

Zandra Campbell and Darnyle Wharton

Zandra Campbell (38) interviews Darnyle K. Wharton (50) about his work with Baltimore Ceasefire, and the creative and loving work happening in Baltimore as a reflection of residents' desire and dedication to heal the city and community from violence and...

Rachel Parsons and Nick Hnatiw

Rachel Parsons (36) and her partner Nick Hnatiw (38) talk about how their relationship grew over time. They talk about the ease of being together, while not ignoring the difficulty of queer invisibility and missing a sense of belonging and...

Aliia Matthew and Tion Chestnut

One Small Step conversation partners Aliia Matthew [no age given] and Tion Chestnut (18) have about being in college, their family background, and today's political atmosphere.

Winifred O'Neill and Peggy O'Neill

Winifred W. O'Neill (97) and her daughter, Peggy O'Neill (62) remember Captain James Patrick O'Neill, Jr., Winifred's husband and Peggy's father. The women discuss his service in World War II, and Winifred tells her daughter of the various jobs she...