A quick interview with an immigrant, mother, sister, and genuine human being.

Interview with Todd Holmes (my dad)

This is a talk with my dad who I love very much but don’t get to spend that much time with. I offtracked a little bit with my questions but I’m glad that I did because my dad is one...


I talked about some important moments in her life.

The Man of Few Words

This is my interview with my great uncle Si, he grew up in the Chicago area and we talked about events that have happened throughout his life.


An interview with my 84 year-old mother, Dolores Fox. We talked about all the people she has loved and the people who have loved her.

Grant Seeds Interviews With Blake Seeds

Blake’s upbringing and lesson of hardworking work were brought up, as well as her fathers life story. We discussed her life and what her life experiences have thought her as a person.

A listen into Christa Bauernfreund

Talked about important moments in my mother’s life and childhood memories that are meaningful to her.

Interview with Emmett Lodl

Me and Emmett talked about lessons that he learned throughout his high school years and years in general growing up. We went into depth talking about childhood memories along with Emmett’s ambitions as a kid. Emmett also touched on secrets...

Interview with Grandpa

We talked about my grandfather growing up and everything he went through to get here.