Cate Nolan interviewing her nana Gaye Caldwell about her life.

In this interview, located in San Diego, California, Cate Nolan interviewed her nana Gaye Caldwell about her life. Gaye shares about her childhood, her teenage years, her religion, and her family.

Interview project.

This interview is between a mom and her daughter and in her words she described it as “the joy and blessings of parenthood and of being a mother.”

Shudde Fath and Betsy Fath Hiller

Shudde Fath (106) is McCombs school of business's oldest alumni. She reminisces with her daughter Betsy Fath Hiller (71) on her experiences as one of the few women at her college and filing a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Texas Workforce...

Interview with Stacy Campbell

Emma Campbell interviews Stacy Campbell about life when Stacy was younger (and about family).