Izzy Won and Deianarah Machicado

Izzy Won and Deianarah are both teenagers who have decided to do an interview together virtually during COVID-19. They are best friends and share their experiences and thoughts to each other. They discuss their future, their COVID-19 shelter-in-place journey, and...

Family Camacho

In this interview questions regarding aspirations and what have been the most cherished memories to the most difficult ones were asked. This interview was to reflect on the highs and lows my younger brother has experience throughout his educational career....

Thanksgiving interview

My Nana’s life story growing up in the Bay Area and starting a family.

Child’s Perspective: A Conversation

Older brother sit down and chats with younger sibling about Life and how children experience the wrold.

"You just go wherever there are interesting patterns." An interview with Dr. Rama Nemani.

Dr. Rama Nemani, Senior Earth Scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center, works on ecological forecasting. In this interview, we discuss how Rama’s career trajectory moved from farming to supercomputing, NASA Earth Exchange (NEX), the difference between simulation modeling and...

The Undocumented Americans book Reflection with Joseph Francisco Hernandez

Joseph Francisco Hernandez [(28), (he/him/el)] currently on unceded Ohlone/Yokuts Land shares oral testimony in reflection to the book "The Undocumented Americans" by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio. Joseph is a single child of immigrating parents (Oaxaca & Chiapas), and is a first-generation...

Navegantes (con Fabiola Bair)

Fabiola Bair (31) talks with primo-hermano Joseph Hernandez (28) about family origins, structure, traditions, social networks, accomplishments and life in general. Trail-blazers at heart and descendientes de familia Oaxaqueña, Fabiola and Joseph share their experiences growing up as 1st Generation,...

"With Earth Observations I saw it as a great challenge and opportunity to study our planet." An interview with Vince Ambrosia.

Vince Ambrosia is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames, Adjunct Faculty Member in the Department of Applied Environmental Sciences, College of Science, California State University – Monterey Bay, and also serves as the NASA Applied Science Program, Associate Program...

"I was one of those kids who always wanted to be a scientist." An interview with Egle Cekanaviciute.

Dr. Egle Cekanaviciute is a Principal Investigator and Research Scientist in the Radiation Biophysics Laboratory at the NASA Ames Research Center. She is also one of the Course Directors for STAR (Spaceflight Technologies, Application and Research), an intensive training course...

Anchetas vs the World

This is probably the most in-depth conversation I’ve had with my dad in a while (that doesn’t include sports talks; we have heated discussions over them all the time). But I really don’t know much about my dad’s past, mainly...

"If you really enjoy it [science], all the work will be worth it." An interview with Matthew Johnson.

Dr. Matthew Johnson's research is in atmospheric chemistry, a branch of atmospheric science, which looks at the composition and chemistry of Earth's atmosphere, such as aerosols and trace gas emissions, and how particles may impact human health. Dr. Johnson's research...

Bronte Sorotsky and Eddie Huijon

Friends and classmates Bronte Sorotsky (22) and Eddie Huijon (24) discuss the pros and cons of living in San Francisco as a college student.

Interview with Larry Winward

We talked about Grandpa's life, especially about his experiences running in cross country, and what it was like at BYU.

George’s Interview

George’s family, history, how his life has been affected by current events

Founding a high school.

Lucy and Simona shared their experience with the founding of the High School at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula

ileia gibbs

ileia gibbs: 2020-09-17 01:51:39. I am interviewing my mom about her life in the Bay Area.

"What I try to do in the lab is recreate an environment that we think may exist on exoplanets." A conversation with Niki Parenteau.

Listen in as NASA biologist Niki Parenteau describes her science journey from farmer's daughter to studying life forms in the lab and mentoring students, to designing biology experiments for astronomers searching for life outside Earth's solar system.

Daniel d'Abreu Noronha and Alejandro Eros

Friends Daniel d'Abreu Noronha (19) and Alejandro "Sasha" Eros (21) talk about their upbringings, their experiences as young practicing Catholics, and their spiritual lives. They reflect on their lives as students at Santa Clara University and on how their Catholicism...

Craig Carpenter Interview 12/3/17

Craig talks about what life was like in the Bay Area in the 70’s and 80’s and his life during and after college.

Jose Del Rio and Nathan Norton
November 16, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Jose "Tony" Del Rio (55) and Nathan Norton (48) talk the lack of opportunity and appropriate spaces to have respectful conversations about politics. They also both discuss their experiences in the Navy and their current...