Interviewing my mother (in Mandarin) ft. Jack the dog

I ask my mother about growing up in China, family, life lessons and struggles, and, of course, about dogs.

Chinese Imigrant
November 24, 2017 App Interview

This is my very good friend KeXu and she immigrated from Beijing, China when she was 46.

Praying at the Piano

Paulist Father Ricky Manalo's main ministry is music. But he's also a teacher at Santa Clara University, and around the world, about liturgy and culture. He writes reflections in the devotional book "Give Us This Day." Fr. Ricky is of...

China trip
November 28, 2017 App Interview

We talked about our trip that we took in China and what’s some places that we saw .

English Story Corps Proj

I had a fun interview with my grandma. She spoke mandarin chinese during the interview, and I learned a lot about her childhood, her life goals, and some interesting facts about her. It was really fun and thank you storycorps...

Xin Qi and Tianbing Xia talk about growing up in Beijing

In this interview conducted in December 2017 in Plano, Texas, Jennifer Xia interviews her dad Tianbing Xia and mom Cindy Qi about what is was like growing up in China, especially school life. Tianbing Xia shares insight on what day...