Mackenzie Harrison Interview

We talked about my parents relationship and some important details of their relationship.

Mugshots: Brian Spadaccia

Brian Spadaccia is die-heart fan of Bethlehem! He loves his town and Musikfest! Brian's one word to best describe Musikfest is LEADERSHIP.

Interview with my grandma

Talking about what she grew up doing, how she was raised, what she thinks of life now in days


We talked about his childhood. We also talked about what he wanted for generations to come

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019: Abraham Assad's Inspiring Life in a Nutshell

I was lucky to interview Abraham Assad, and inherit countless life lessons from an amazing example. From his love for Penn State to his faith in Jesus Christ, we discussed his whole life in just a little over 40 minutes....

Mugshots: FauxestGump

Interview with Southern native, Fauxest Gump. Fauxest has been attending Musikfest for 4 consecutive years. His one word to best describe Musikfest is DISCOVERY.

Mugshots: Rosalie and Steve Aaronson

Couple Rosalie and Steve have been living in Bethlehem and attending Musikfest since 2002. Their word(s) that they chose to best describe Musikfest is 1 MILLION and ECLECTIC.

Mugshots: Emily Bushta

Interview with Lehigh University student and Stroudsburg, PA native, Emily Busta. The word Emily chose to best describe Musikfest is EXCITING.

Mugshots: Kristen Walsh

Kristen Walsh is Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites (HBMS) Director of Visitor's Services. In the interview, Kristen talks about the first time she went to Musikfest by herself when she was thirteen years old, as well as other fond memories...

Mugshots: Peggy Manochi

Peggy and her former band group, Show Biz Revue, were one of the first music performers at Musikfest in 1984. In the interview, Peggy shares her thoughts on Musikfest. The word that Peggy chose to describe Musikfest is EXUBERANT.

Interview with Mom

My mom talked about what she was grateful for.


We talked about the most important lessons in his life.

Mugshots: Jeff Parks interview Part I

This is the second part of the interview with Jeff Parks. Jeff came up with the idea of Musikfest, and is serves as the Executive Director of the ArtsQuest Foundation. The word Jeff chose to best describe Musikfest is COMMUNITY.

Mugshots: Ben Fortunado Marcune

Ben Fortunado Marcune is an artist who has painted many paintings of Musikfest since 1984. His one word to describe Musikfest is PEOPLE-FRIENDLY.

Mugshots: David Yanoshik

David has been attending Muskfest since it first began in 1984 when he was fresh out of college! David's word that he chose to best describe Musikfest is VOLUNTEERISM.

Mughsots: Christian Murgia

Christian Murgia is a Visitor Center employee at Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites (HBMS). "[Musikfests] brings outsiders to the area as well, they are more inclined to see the sites around the city...". The word that Christian chose to best...