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MJKipp On A Sunny Day

Two questions about Merlin Kipp (83) growing up. Fishing, freedom, reminiscing.

Susan Loo Pattee and Katherine Loo

Susan Loo Pattee (61) talks with her mother, Katherine "Kathy" Loo (83), about their similarities, Katherine’s work with Union Printers Home, leadership, and education.

Janet Hulme and Erika McMillin

Erika McMillin (48) interviews her mother, Janet Hulme (75), about her childhood, her career, her marriage, the places she’s lived, and the life lessons that she has learned along the way.

Kerry MacLane and Laurel Sears

Laurel Sears (38) interviews her father, Kerry MacLane (64), about his childhood, his cross-country adventures, his life in Montana, and their family's organic farm. They also discuss Laurel's upbringing and look back on shared memories of one another.