Margie Dell Duncan interview
November 29, 2017 App Interview

This is a interview of Margaret Duncan she was born in 1936 and recalls her childhood during world war 2. She goes on to explain childhood fads and what the chaotic 60s were like and how Kennedy’s assassination really impacted...

Charlotte and Jess Cowart extended family

Charlotte A. Cowart, interviewed by her son describes her childhood, parents, brothers, sisters, children and extended family.

Birmingham Back in Time with Maribel Johnson and her Father

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2023, in Birmingham, Alabama, Maribel Johnson (17) interviews her father Michael Johnson (58) about his life in Birmingham, the place he never expected to still call home. Mr. Johnson shares various stories about...

Nicole Villavicencio-Garduño and Lexa Botello
February 25, 2024 App Interview

Lexa Botello interviewed her friend Nicole Villavicencio-Garduño about what was it like growing up as a Latina in Alabama.

Hazel Higginbotham on Cahaba river Keeper
December 3, 2023 App Interview

Writing for the Media final Speaking with Hazel Higginbotham on Cahaba River Keeper

BSC and money
December 3, 2023 App Interview

A discussion between two student athletes about the struggles of Birmingham southern staying open

Changing the world with Jack Lindquist

I asked jack if he thought the world was changing for the better or not. I asked him about what type of changes he could do or in general what would be better for the world- including questions about social...

Anderson McCray Interview

A quick introduction to who Anderson McCray is, and what all Birmingham means to him.